Does anything really help the dark circles under the eyes?

First of all,  lets  start with what causes the dark circles.  Some of us have it while other don’t.

Heredity: Dark circles run in families for a number of reasons. When blood passes through the veins under your eyes (where the skin is very thin), dark circles can appear. If your skin is more transparent (an inherited trait), the circles will appear darker.   You can also inherit an excess amount of skin pigmentation under the eyes, which leads to dark circles, and others, particularly those of Mediterranean ethnicity, have dark pigmentation in the dermis layer of the skin that “creates a blue-black hue below the eyes,” says Dr. Sandy Tsao, a dermatologist at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Some other causes for dark circles:   Eczema, Allergies, Aging, Medication, Lack of Nutrients

Here are some tips to help with Dark circles…

Start wearing an eye cream daily. For dark circles, use one with hydroquinone, vitamin C, or botanicals that brighten, like kojic acid, soy, or licorice; for puffiness, look for one containing caffeine; for extra moisturization, use one with hyaluronic acid, says Taylor.

One of my favorite products that actually works for dark and puffiness:   I was very skeptical  that a product could really help with the dark circles around the eyes.  One of my personal customers, whom I had know for a five years had tried almost everything in the market and was considering plastic surgery.  About  a year ago, I was offered a job as a skin care specilist  with a skin care company called Osmotics. I received many of the products and did my share of research before I accepted the job.  To my surprise they had a product call Eye Surgery where I saw instant results.  I was so surprised and it has become one of my favorite products.

Osmotics Eye Surgery
The delicate skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most fragile skin on your face and is the first to reveal signs of fatigue, aging and water retention.  Eye Surgery features not one but three of the most advanced Tetra-peptide technologies, clinically proven to visibly reduce dark circles and under eye puffiness, while also firming and smoothing crepe skin on lower and upper lids. With consistent use you will see brighter, younger looking, more beautiful eyes…….without surgery.  To Apply morning and night using ring finger, gently pat around the cleansed eye area (upper and lower lids) and allow cream to absorb completely before apply makeup.

Osmotics Blue Copper Eye Cream:

This soothing, rich, cream-gel formula features a powerful combination of active copper, cutting edge peptides, and anti-aging proteins that help boost collagen levels lost due to aging.  Improves the overall health, balance and quality of collagen to firm, tone and tighten the entire eye area, while reducing the depth of fine lines and wrinkles. It even helps makeup stay put! Apply using ring finger  gently pat under the cleansed eye area in the morning.

Osmotics Renovage Eye Cream:Serious age correction for crow’s feet, sun damage and mature skin. This rich, emollient moisturizer helps correct and prevent aging around the eyes by repairing DNA and increasing cellular life span. Youth extending formula has everything you need to see visible results in 4 to 6 weeks! Apply at night over eye surgery on clean face.  To apply using ring finger gently pat under the cleansed eye area at night.